Introducing the Innovative Grain Storage Bag

Farmtrack Consulting Ltd prides itself in innovations aiming at making farmers’ enterprises less risky to biotic factors that damage crop yields. We hereby introduce a storage bag for dry grains, which can store grains for more than three years without being damaged by storage pests.

The bag constitutes the outer sac and two layers of polythene sacs. The grains have to be dried very well (to below 13% moisture content), before placing them in the inner polythene sac, and using a sisal rope to tightly tie it, without trapping air inside. The next layer of polythene sac is tied in the similar manner, and finally the outer woven gunny sac (pictured below).

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Taking the fight against fruit flies to the next level!!

Since the first detection in Kenya of the invader fruit fly, Bactrocera invadens (B. dorsalis) presumably from Asia in 2003, the first product, BACTROLURE, for its management is available to farmers in Kenya. Bactrolure Trap on Mango TreeFarmers do not have a reason not to manage this invasive fruit fly that has caused much damage and losses to all kinds of fruit production. The fruit fly has been the cause to Kenya’s fruit export ban to some international markets. This has contributed to slowed growth in export volumes and values of fruits in the recent past, thereby inflicting poor returns to the farmers earnings.

Farmers’ Field Day – Kagio, Kirinyaga

New Picture (2)Farmtrack Consulting Ltd was one of the many exhibitors at the successful farmers’ event, which was organized by iNooro radio/TV. Our products attracted huge interest among the farmers; most of whom were not new to Bactrolure ~ the only registered fruitfly management product in Kenya. Bactrolure has gained popularity among fruit farmers due to its superior field performance. The farmers were impressed by the various pest management technologies that had been commercialized by Farmtrack Consulting Ltd, and promised to embrace them fully.