Since the registration of Bactrolure in Kenya, the story has been an exciting success for any mango farmer who has used the product. The stories come with much optimism and the anticipated access to the EU market for Kenyan mangoes.

Farmtrack Consulting Ltd is proud to be the sole registrant of Bactolure, the pheromone bait which is used in both the monitoring of fruit fly populations and mass trapping for eradication (such as the creation of pest free areas (PFAs). The pheromone attractant is used in an innovative lynfield trap, which is also a registered utility model.

Here is a compilation of the success stories, as reported in local and regional media channels;-


  1. Ravenous fruit flies no longer bother us – Daily Nation June 5, 2015
  2. Stubborn pest meets match in simple trap – Saturday Nation May 14, 2016

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