Farmtrack Consulting Ltd, a consultancy firm whose mission is to facilitate farmers to engage in sustainable crop production. We are the only registrants, in Kenya, of Bactrolure, the only known effective product in the management of fruit flies in mangoes, avocadoes, citrus, and melons. In our mission to promote safe and ecofriendly agriculture, we visit farmer’s groups in all the counties to educate and train them on good farming practices especially in pest management. Apart from the Bactrolure, we also have got a wide range of traps for other pests.

  •  FCM trap for the False Codling Moth. Destructive in avocadoes and citrus mostly.
  • Tuta Absoluta trap for the tuta absoluta. also known as leaf miner. A menace to tomato farmers.
  • Sticky liners for both white flies and thrips.

We encourage farmer’s groups to invite us for agricultural training and forums to share our knowledge and promote a sustainable agriculture.