Fruitflies In Tomatoes -captured in our kitchens.


Above are photos of the fruit fly maggots from a freshly cut tomato.

eggs previously lay in the fruit develop into larvae stage(maggots) which feed on the tomatoes from the inside, causing faster ripening and rotting of the fruit. The larvae then move to the soil for the pupa stage when the fruits drop on the ground. From the soil, an adult fruit fly emerges and the life cycle continues.

Integrated pest management(I.P.M) method is recommended for maximum control of fruit flies. This will help surppress the populations effectively as they are destroyed at each stage of their life cycle.

Bactrolure trap, the only registered product in Kenya, is the only effective and sure way to manage the fruit fly populations in your orchard. At a minimal concentration of one trap per quarter acre, you are assured of better quality tomatoes in your kitchen.

below is a fruit fly trap photo suspended in an orchard.



For tomato farm, you suspend it slightly above the crop height with either a short pole or wire.

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Some of the forums our team purposes to attend in order to join hands and partner with other stakeholders in a bid to reach out to more farmers and reduce post harvest losses. The First All Africa Post Harvest Congress & Exhibition that was held on 28th to 31st March 2017,at Safari Park Hotel. Our products have consistently stood out in the management of a number of destructive agricultural pests, that were previously difficult to control.

Through such forums, we are able to share the technologies with key players in the agricultural industry. There is also the advantage of creating networks with other organization for the benefit of the farmers and the Kenyan economy at large. we are able to air out the challenges that the industry faces to some of the relevant authorities and work out strategies that will be of benefit to the society at large.





much appreciation to our partners and to technoserve and rockafellar foundation for the opportunity.