Areas of collaboration with Farmtrack Consulting

  • Advice & training on the following: integrated crop & pest management (ICM/IPM); biology of common pests; devitalization; Crop nutrition; Safe and effective use of pesticides
  • Plant pests scouting,  detection, recognition and diagnosis/identification
  • Mitigation of quarantine pests to the markets
  • Pest diagnostic kits  and set up of plant health mini-laboratories
  • Updates to growers and exporters on legal market requirements (eg, EU directives) and their implementation in the production, movement and packaging facilities
  • Compliance to standards like FLO, MPS, BOPP, GLOBALGAP, LEAF, UTZ-KAPPE, etc
  • Seed standards compliance
  • Packhouse inspection/audit and consequent advice
  • Environmental impact assessment and audits (E.A.I/E.A/S.E.A) in compliance to NEMA Act
  • Fire safety training and audit
  • Collaboration in the introduction of novel pest control products and strategies, including alternatives to the use of Methyl bromide in wood treatment and fruitfly management products
  • Post harvest handling of cereals and fresh produce
  • Any other related area



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