Ever peeled your fleshy fruit and found such maggots?webiste1website-2

You can bet it’s very disgusting!! Most people wonder how those maggots got into those fruits in the first place since they can’t even see their entry point. Well from now on you will no longer be in the dark. This fly is the source of all your troubles! Whether you have two mango/orange/pawpaw trees for your own consumption, or you have tens of acres for commercial purposes, this insect known in technical terms as fruit fly (Bactrocera dorsalis) will definitely ruin your day.


Those maggots are the larval stage of it’s life cycle! Just to give you an idea of how devastating the fly is; it has led to the ban of Kenyan mangoes from the EU markets!!! Well, FARMTRACK CONSULTING  has the CURE!

Bactrolure as shown in the photo, is your surest bet in the control of the destructive pest.



With the trap shown in these photo you can attract/lure all the male fruit flies within an area of a quarter acre. If your fruit trees are not evenly distributed in your farm, you can use 1 trap in every 10 trees that are planted within close intervals. Remember Bactrolure is a biological pest control product!!