More Success Stories: “Seeds of Gold”


Farmtrack Consulting Ltd continues to shine, reaching into the hearts of horticulture farmers in the country, and beyond. Bactrolure and the FCM pheromone traps were featured in the “Seeds of Gold” of the Saturday Nation on June 18, 2016. We thank our farmers for having faith and trusting in our products. We shall continue to be your partner in ensuring sustainable and effective pest management for market sustainability.

Here is a link of the feature: Traps free fruit farmers from moths and flies

2 thoughts on “More Success Stories: “Seeds of Gold”

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    Hi lm George Obinda l missed the june seed of gold where you featured your programs.
    lm interested in horticulture. l would want to know what programs you carry out to control pests in tomatoes and kales.

  2. Hello Obinda, at Farmtrack we are delighted to hear from you.Our main product is the bactrolure which is a biological control method for fruitflies which are hosts in fruits like mangoes, watermelons,guava,avocados, e.t.c. we have a new product known as the tutalure that is now very efficient for tomato farmers.,we offer consultancy services to our clients on how to use the products. On kales we do not have anything yet. You can reach us on the office line provided to enable us serve you better.
    kind regards,
    Michael Mbau.

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