The magic attractant- BACTROLURE®

Farmtrack Consulting Ltd, has introduced the first product to control the invader fruit fly. BACTROLURE® is pheromone-based bait that is highly attractive to the invader males fly. It comes as a simple package that consists of a bucket trap, a lid, a hook wire and the bait. Instructions on its assemblage are provided in the package and are easy to follow.

How it works

The males of invader fly are attracted to a chemical in BACTROLURE® which mimics the one released by the female for mating. The bait releases volatiles into the air which attracts the males. Male flies find their way in the bucket and on getting in contact with the bait; they die on the spot and fall off into the bucket. This is the reason why the bait is placed inside the bucket and the bucket placed on fruit trees using the wire hook provided during. This can be done the onset of fruits or well in advance of infestation before fruits get mature. The rationale for this strategy is to deny the female mating during which time her eggs gets fertilized. Therefore, eggs are not viable and will not hatch into young ones (larvae) and will not feed on the flesh of the fruit nor will there be damage to the fruit. If enough traps are used in the field to capture all the male flies, it means a loss of a whole fruit flies generation. One female lays about 500 eggs during its life and if you kill one male, you have killed more than 500 flies that were to be obtained from that one female. Ideally, one male will mate with more than one female and hence by killing one male you will kill more than the 500 individuals. The more you trap and kill the males, the more you reduce next generation offsprings. Once the bucket is full of dead flies, it is required that the dead flies be emptied and buried into shallow soils to avoid being fed on by birds and or chicken.

Rate of application

The farmer only needs 4 of the traps per acre. Once the bait has been exhausted, the farmer only needs to replace the bait but not the full kit.

On which fruit trees?

The invader fruit fly has been recorded in all parts of the country except areas above 2000m a.s.l. The preferred fruits are mangos of all varieties but the fly also attacks avocadoes, loquats, oranges, banana, and many wild fruits. That means if the cultivated fruit trees are out of season, the invader fly finds an alternative wild host to continue its life-cycle and comes back to the orchards when fruits form. Farmers are advised that for better management of this pest, it is recommended that they continue using BACTROLURE product during offseason although at a lower rate to keep the numbers low before the onset of fruiting season.

The benefits of using BACTROLURE®

  1. It is a first fruit fly control product of its kind to be introduced in Kenya
  2. No spraying on the crop, therefore not chemical residues on fruits
  3. Its friendly to the user, consumer and to the environment as it only attracts Bactrocera sp. flies
  4. It is Cheap and effective
  5. Can last upto 8 weeks or beyond while with continuous trapping



  1. Bactrolure Brochure (pdf)
  2. Bactrolure Instructions (pdf)