About False Codling Moth

FCM, Thaumatotibia  leucotreta (formally Cryptophlebia leucotreta) is a pest that attacks many horticultural crops (peppers, avocado, mango, citrus, macadamia e.t.c) in many parts of the world, especially in Kenya where horticulture is a major economic activity. FCM has been listed by the EC as harmful organisms with many FCM species listed as quarantine pests.


Farmtrack FCM Pheromone Trap

The management of FCM is faced by many challenges relating to the biology of the pest and thus common measures such as chemical control are not successful.

The Farmtrack FCM pheromone traps comprise a delta housing, a yellow sticky liner, and a pheromone (in a vial).

The pheromone attracts the male T. leucotreta into the delta traps where they stick on the liner.

The delta casing/housing  protects the sticky liner and the pheromone from environmental factors and related damages.

The traps are not only important for control but also in monitoring of pest populations.



 How to Set the FCM Trap

  1. Fold the delta housing as necessary and hold with the provided wire string
  2. Position the sticky liner (sticky side upwards) inside the delta housing
  3. Remove the pheromone vial from the foil sachet, uncap it and place it on the sticky liner inside the delta trap
  4. Hang the delta trap (complete set) on a branch or a pole atleast 1 metre from the ground
  5. One delta trap is sufficient to service and area of 1/4 acre. However more traps are recommended where infestation is high.


Download our FCM pheromone trap brochure here.