The FTC grains storage bag is an innovative product which helps farmers to store dried grains such as maize, red beans, cowpeas, rice, wheat, dried coffee beans, sorghum, millet and many more for upto 3 years without pest damage, and without attack by fungi such as Apergillus spp. which produce aflatoxins.

Our storage bag consist of two layers of polythene bags and an outer bag made of woven polypropylene. The bag cuts off oxygen which is needed by all living organisms.

This storage bag is environmentally friendly and eliminates the need for use of grain storage pesticides, thereby ensuring that the grains are good for human consumption with no risks related to the use of such pesticides.

How to Use the Storage Bag (Download)

  1. Ensure the cereals to be dried are completely dry and remove any debris. Proper drying helps prevent aflotoxins and also reduce the initial rate  of pest infestation.
  2. Take the cereals bags apart and check for any holes and tears. Do not use a bag that has holes.
  3. Pour a small amount of grains in the inner bag, starting gently. This will easily help to insert the first bag into the second.
  4. Insert the first polythene bag into the second polythene bag. Make sure there are no air pockets at the bottom.
  5. Insert the two polythene bags in the woven Polypropylene bag, as shown in the picture (right).
  6. Fold the top of the woven polypropylene bag. Do the same for the second polythene bag.
  7. Fill the inner polythene bags with grains. Shake gently from time to time to reduce pockets of air. Make sure no grains get in between the bags.
  8. Fill the bag far enough so that a lip remains for tying. Pack the grains tightly to remove air.
  9. Tie the lip of the first bag tightly shut. Fold it over and tie with a string at the base of the twist and over the folded twist.
  10. Pull the middle bag over the first one completely so that it completely surrounds it. Twist the lip shut, fold it over and tie. Follow the same steps for the outer bag.