Fruit Fly control using TorulaTrack

Farmtrack is in the process of introducing another protein-based product for managing not only invader fly, but all other indigenous fruit flies that have never been managed and likely to cause damage in the event that the dominant fruit fly is eliminated. A food attractant for many species of fruit flies affecting fruits and vegetables.

Fruit Fly catches with Torulatrack


Plant protein, yeast, sugars, stabilizer, inert materials

How it works

Female fruit flies will visit the trap to to feed on the food bait and in the process drown and die.

Application Rate

4 traps/ acre (1 dissolved TorulaTrack will cover an area of ¼ acre) on the minimum. For mass trapping, increase the number of traps.

Field life: 4-8 weeks

Advantage of using TorulaTrack

  1. The dissolved tablets do not degrade with time as it’s enriched with a preservative
  2. Dead insects do not decompose to leave a filthy smell in your trap
  3. It is environmentally friendly and is safe to humans and animals
  4. Doesn’t contain pesticides hence does not contaminate the fruits and doesn’t leave residues on fruits
  5. Attracts females before the lay eggs therefore kills them before damaging fruits

Feel free to download TorulaTrack brochure here.torulatrack-brochure