About Tuta ABsoluta
Tuta absouluta is a Lepidopteran leaf miner which is a major pest of tomatoes among other crops such as potatoes, pepper, pepino aubergine and several weeds of the Solanaceae family (e.g Black nightshade and Datura stramonium). T. absoluta is indigenous in Brazil, South America, and has managed to disperse globally since it was first detected in Spain in the year 2006. Tuta Absoluta is very destructive, and is considered as one of the most damaging invasive pests of Tomatoes worldwide.




Our Tuta absoluta trap

Similar to the F.C.M trap, the tuta absoluta uses the male anihillation technique. It’s a para pheromone bait placed inside the trap.

The pheromone attracts the male T.absoluta into the delta traps where they stick on the liner.

The delta casing/housing  protects the sticky liner and the pheromone from environmental factors and related damages.

The traps are not only important for control but also in monitoring of pest populations.



1.Fold the delta housing as necessary and hold with the provided wire string
2.Position the sticky liner (sticky side upwards) inside the delta housing
3.Remove the pheromone vial from the foil sachet and place it on the sticky liner inside the delta trap
4.Hang the delta trap (complete set) on a branch or a pole atleast 1 metre from the ground
One delta trap is sufficient to service and area of 1/4 acre. However more traps are recommended where infestation is high